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Tired? Sore? Trouble sleeping? Struggling to complete your workouts? Not meeting your race goals?

These are just a handful among many possible signs of overtraining, which can derail your progress towards achieving your athletic goals. Check out this article on the Under Armour blog with tips from me at the end to see if you could be overtraining, and if so, ways to escape the vicious cycle!


Welcome to FFR

Hi, I'm Claire! I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (MS, RD, CDN) and a Road Runners Club of America certified coach. This is where I share my latest adventures in running, racing, food & travel! If you'd like to work with me, please visit my professional website, Eat for Endurance.

My PRs

Marathon (Chicago): 3:33:18
Boston Marathon: 3:36:14
Half-Marathon: 1:37:21
10M: 1:14:52
10k: 44:52

My latest photos

Parents are visiting, and they wanted @2ndavedeli. I insisted everyone eat salads before our order arrived, and this is the carnage that ensued! 😆 I got the matzo ball soup and had a small amount of corned beef and pastrami + 1 slice of bread. So tasty! Here is one of my go-to snacks 60-90min before a workout - sprouted wheat bread with some kind of nut butter (1-2 Tbsp), banana, drizzle honey and hemp seeds. So stoked that I’ve gotten up to 45min / 5+ miles without pain this week, the longest I’ve run since my injury in October!! And what gorgeous weather for it too. I finally signed up for a race - the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May - so time to build back my endurance. Post-run, had two whole eggs + 1/2 avo on top of another slice of bread + orange slices - solid balanced meal to promote recovery. Going veg tonight for dinner with seared ginger soy organic tofu on a bed of colorful stir fried veggies. Happy long weekend! Sharing scrambled eggs with feta, spinach & tomatoes + guac + blueberries with my little breakfast buddy. 👶🏻 What a great care package! Thanks @biohmhealth - excited to try out all the goodies. Already enjoyed some of the chocolate for dessert last night! 😋 Last night’s delicious & healthy dinner, cooked by my husband (who seems to be spending more time in the kitchen than me these days)! Wild sea bass, baked eggplant, & radish/cuc/tomato salad, with s’mores as our treat for dessert. ❤️

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