I had to write a quick addendum to my race recap after receiving the most wonderful surprise in the mail today. I forgot to mention that I decided to do a little social experiment during the race on the kindness of strangers. Rather than throw away my small Amphipod handheld water bottle when the water ran out as I normally do (those things aren’t cheap – and it was brand new), I included a nice note with my address in the zipped pocket and handed it to a spectator. E suggested that I hand it to a woman to increase the chance of getting it back – I agreed! I gave it a woman perhaps around my Mom’s age who seemed to be enjoying the race and though a bit surprised, took my bottle as I ran by and said a few words.

Although I figured I had a 50/50 chance of getting the bottle back, I certainly didn’t expect to get an enlarged photo of me taken right after I passed by (with my name on it too) and the sweetest note ever. Totally something I would do! I never doubted that the Boston spectators were amazing, but this certainly sealed the deal. Clearly a thank you note with a photo of my finish is in order!

Check it out:

Boston spectators are the best!

Thank you Spectator Joanne! Couldn’t have done this race without your support!

This is what I am sending back in response – card, the bracelet made from the limited edition 2013 Boston Marathon street banners that runners received at the expo, and a little collage of my race. 🙂