It’s been quite an exciting summer so far! And after yesterday’s turn of events, I think it’s safe to say I’m enjoying a bit of a winning streak…

First, an amazing wedding and honeymoon: After five weeks of frantic wedding planning, E and I got married amongst the redwoods on June 30th at Nestldown, up in the Santa Cruz mountains. The day was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined and filled with so many special moments. We can’t wait to get the professional photos – here are a few taken by friends!

Photo Jun 30, 6 47 00 PM (1) Photo Jun 30, 6 47 21 PM (1) IMG_0244 Mr & Mrs! IMG_0392 First dance

Nothing beats marrying the person you know you are meant to spend your life with and celebrating with your loved ones…except perhaps escaping all the craziness and enjoying your first days alone together as husband and wife! 🙂 We spent a week in Tofino and Sooke on Vancouver Island – a perfect place to relax and explore the outdoors (cycling, sea kayaking, and of course running). We loved the weather (which was perfect every day – apparently that never happens), dramatic landscapes, running long on Long Beach, and all the awesome food and wine. It was blissful!!

Ferry to Vancouver Island Dinner in Tofino Tofino view Pacific Rim National Forest, Tofino Schooner Cove Trail Long run on Long Beach Cycling on the beach Sea kayaking Sooke

Second, winning 1st place in the NYC Triathlon relay: Just a few days after our return to NYC, after having eaten waaaay too much and trained far too little, I competed in the NYC Triathlon as part of a relay team (I had committed to this race before I got engaged, in case you were wondering). It was my first triathlon as well as my first relay, so even though I wasn’t too thrilled to wake up at 3:30am and wait around until 8:45am to run 10k in the heat and humidity, I was really excited to race in such a different type of event.  And let’s not forget about the body markings – at the expo I thought it was ridiculous that they would make me mark my age on my calf and my number on my arm (isn’t that what the bib is for?!), but I felt hard-core when I got marked up in transition! My two teammates (our team name was “Dietitian Divas,” since they are both RDs), had competed with a different runner two years prior and had placed 2nd, right behind a team that had won four years in a row, so we knew what we had to do. It was such an interesting experience – and made me realize how simple running is by comparison! I have always said I want to try a triathlon someday, but man, that is a complicated sport! Maybe I’ll try a sprint at some point though…

993311_10153044546530556_197575489_n  67908_10153046095560556_1923478095_n  1013093_10153044709295556_321742989_n

We each gave it our all – it was really tough waiting around for so many hours and then suddenly springing yourself into full-on 10k racing mode, but I tried my best and managed to run  an extremely strong race in the heat, helping my team win FIRST PLACE in our division by just over two minutes! I ran 44:52 – which technically is a PR as that time and distance are up on the race website – although *technically* it is not a PR, since the distance I ran was not a full 10k. It was closer to 6 miles – the short run that our swimmer had to do to get back to transition counted as part of my distance but not my time. But hey, I still ran a 7:29ish or faster pace in crazy weather, with jet lag and hardly any training, and we WON! It was my first 1st place and first podium finish, so I consider that a huge accomplishment!

NYC Triathlon results  Beast mode Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 6.43.12 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 9.38.06 PM

The best part, aside from winning of course, was passing people along the course. I’ve never passed so many people in a race before!! It was such a morale boost, even if I knew it was completely unfair since nearly every person I passed was doing the full triathlon. I kept getting these exhausted looks of disbelief as I sped past them because the body marker had forgotten to put an “R” on my leg to indicate I was doing the relay. Haha! I can’t imagine how the triathletes felt after swimming and biking – I was struggling and I hadn’t been racing for hours. By the end of the course, I was in complete beast mode – it was awesome to really push myself and know I had tried my hardest when I crossed the finish line. It felt even better knowing that my teammates were counting on me – a new feeling in what is usually a solo sport for me – and that I hadn’t let them down! I will definitely be doing more relays in the future – SO much fun.

Number 1! 1006145_10153046095850556_1817005045_n 1003446_10153046096070556_1619386541_n 1000847_10153046096360556_301344681_n 1005742_10153046096955556_586055853_n

Third, acceptance into the NYU Dietetic Internship: Yep, you read that correctly. I received an extremely unexpected phone call yesterday morning notifying me that a spot had opened up in the NYU Dietetic Internship (which basically never happens) and I was next on the list, meaning that I am now starting the DI this September, just as if I had originally matched back in April. I am still in shock. After working so hard, and receiving such devastating news that I didn’t match, followed by everything that happened in Boston, it’s beyond gratifying that everything somehow worked itself out and now I’m suddenly where I had hoped to be in the first place. Simply amazing.

This year certainly has been an adventure! This wonderful turn of events suddenly happening right at the time that I was starting to feel discouraged and frustrated with the process once again really reaffirms my belief that things have a way of working themselves out for the best. I am still surprised I wasn’t accepted in the first place, but I’ve put all that behind me – all’s well that ends well. Right now, I’m just grateful – I realize how unusual this opportunity is, and how lucky I am that it came my way.

While luck is of course a factor in all of this, none of these wonderful things would have happened had I not worked so hard planning the wedding, running the race, applying to internships etc. So it’s nice to be reminded that hard work really does pay off.

Now, off to celebrate!