2010 was a big running year for me! I ran 1,290 miles, including the Paris marathon (my first 26.2 miler) and the NYC marathon (Boston qualifier), as well as two 20M races. I also met my wonderful husband on January 9th and started FFR on December 27th – two great things to kick off and close the year!

2011 wasn’t quite as high in mileage due to injury. I ran 1,165 miles, including the Portland marathon and several half marathons – but it was equally momentous in terms of achieving several goals. I didn’t end up getting into Boston due to their revised qualification and registration procedures, nor did I improve my marathon time in Portland. What I did accomplish is far more significant to me:

I quit my corporate job in London, moved back to California, turned 30, became an RRCA certified running coach, applied to Nutrition & Dietetics programs and was accepted into my top choice master’s program in Clinical Nutrition at NYU, which I started in January 2012. I became an Aunt to the most beautiful baby girl, traveled to many great places with E (Zanzibar, Morocco, Vietnam, Norway, Italy and Iceland), delved into the world of trail racing and spent quality time with my family and friends in the US after many, many years of living abroad.

2012 more than made up for any rough patches I had in 2011 – what a momentous year!! On the running front, I ran 1,245 miles, nearly reaching my 2010 mileage. More importantly, I finally achieved redemption for being shut out of the 2012 Boston marathon, running a BQ of 3:33:18 at the Chicago Marathon in October just one week before the 2013 Boston Marathon filled all of its spots. I also achieved some smaller victories in several shorter races leading up to Chicago, including a strong 10k and 10 miler, and began to put my RRCA coaching certification to good use, coaching the Gilda’s Club of NYC marathon team.

As for non-running related accomplishments, I started graduate school in Clinical Nutrition at NYU in January – it took me a few months to adjust to being a student again after nearly ten years out, but I quickly got the hang of it again. Last but certainly not least, E proposed on Thanksgiving morning while out on the trails of Nisene Marks in California – but of course we got engaged while on a 10M run! What a perfect way to wrap up a very eventful, exciting year.

2013 definitely took things up a notch! Not in terms of mileage, which was about the same as in 2012, but certainly with everything else. Completing my Dietetic Internship applications and planning my wedding while in grad school full-time, training for Boston, and doing all the other things I do (volunteer positions, coaching etc) kept me extremely busy. I finally achieved a half marathon PR in the NYC Half, ran my second fastest marathon in Boston in April (which was of course a very tragic day – you can read my article in RW about my experience here), and helped my relay team win first place in the NYC triathlon. After a big running year, I focused on coaching the Gilda’s Club team and taking a much-needed racing break for myself after finding out that I’d have an opportunity to run the Boston Marathon again in April 2014 (getting in by just 4 seconds). My wedding in June was absolutely beautiful (despite the unseasonably hot weather), followed by a very stressful but successful first half of my Dietetic Internship at NYU and a lovely winter break to recover from all the craziness!

2014 ended up being my highest mileage year thus far, clocking in at 1,500 miles. Not quite as high as E (who ran his first 50k and 50 miler in 2014), but I was quite pleased, even if all (and I do mean ALL) of my race times were on the slower side. I completed the NYC half, Boston Marathon, Brooklyn Half Marathon, Oakley Mini 10k, NYC Triathlon relay, Bronx 10M and Marine Corps Marathon. I also ran an impromptu almost marathon when I ran 23M with E during the JFK50 – that experience actually inspired me to do my first ultra with E in 2015. Also, I coached Gilda’s again – another great year with the NYC marathon team!

My relatively slow race performances likely were the result of physical/mental burnout. I started my Dietetic Internship hospital rotations in January, which was very rigorous and left little time for training or anything else. I finished the internship in mid August, with just enough time to cram for for my RD exam in early September. I thankfully passed and at last became a Registered Dietitian, just in time to start a new full-time job as a Clinical Dietitian at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, while completing my final graduate courses. E and I closed out the year with our first trip back to London since we moved several years ago, to celebrate the New Year and revisit all our old haunts. It was a very challenging year and I think we were both quite relieved that it was behind us!

In 2015, I ran my first ultra marathon in April – the North Face Endurance Challenge series DC 50k. It was awesome and it inspired me to run two more – the UTHC 65k in September and the JFK50 in November! After a very challenging final semester and more than three years of nonstop hard work, I finished my Master’s degree in clinical nutrition and graduated from NYU. Later in the summer, my relay team won 2nd place again at the NYC triathlon. I started coaching the Gilda’s Club NYC marathon team for the 4th consecutive year and had an amazing time running the NYC marathon with E on behalf of the charity. I also started to coach Team Lipstick – an awesome all female triathlon team. Lastly, I finally built my new professional nutrition website, Eat for Endurance: Nutrition counseling for longevity in life and in sport – check it out!

What about 2016? It’s been a busy but great first few months of the year! I started working at Nutrition Energy, a private practice in midtown, two nights a week. It’s expanded my nutrition counseling to include clients who wish to use insurance – so send me a message if you want to book a session! I’m still working with Phys Eq, Team Lipstick, and at the hospital too. On the training front, E and I ran the Big Sur marathon in April. It’s been on my bucket list for years and was a tough but gorgeous race! I ran the marathon but also participated in the women’s relay, placing second in our division. Next up – probably another trail 50k this summer!