It never ceases to amaze me how much better a great run can make me feel. I’m still only running three times a week, but man did I make those three runs count.

Monday was my usual 5-6M at an easy pace, this time including 1M at E’s tempo to make sure I could “feel” the right pace. I nailed it. I love my Monday morning runs – they always clear my head and help me focus. There’s way too much stuff buzzing around in there!

Wednesday’s tempo session of 6M, including 5 at E’s goal half marathon pace, was exactly what I needed to blow off some steam after a stressful start to the week. I hopped on the treadmill, turned up the music and banged it out. It felt good. Well, I still felt a few slight hamstring pangs every mile or so, which worries me given I haven’t done any speed work for two months aside from these slower-than-usual tempo runs (if I were training for my own race, I’d be running 7:30, not 8:20 min/mile), but so it goes. Five miles is the most I’ve done at E’s pace so I’m just trusting that I can carry on like that for another 8.1 next Saturday…

This morning’s 8.25M run at 8:36 average pace was relaxed and glorious. Slightly hot, yes, but my poor sun-deprived body from too many hours in the library really needed it. I felt pretty miserable when I got up this morning (too little sleep, too much stress) so I wasn’t sure how it would go, but everything clicked right into place as soon as I started my watch. Running really does make everything better! Now if only it would also make my last two finals go away…

I have Nutrition & Health on Monday afternoon, and Physiology (the one I REALLY need to study for this weekend) early Tuesday morning. Not thrilled that the final is at 8am, but I guess it will be nice to get it over with and have the whole day ahead of me to catch up on things like laundry (which I haven’t done in ages), cleaning etc.

More importantly, it will give me time to prepare for E’s visit! I haven’t seen him in two months and I can’t wait – he lands Tuesday evening, and even though I won’t get to see him that much between his work schedule and my trip to California, it’s better than nothing. I really hope we get good weather for the Brooklyn Half Marathon next weekend and that I am able to pace him to his goal. A part of me wonders if I’ve lost so much fitness since the NYC Half that I won’t be able to maintain 8:20 for 13.1M, but then I think back to what my usual pace is and I think I should be fine…it will just be slightly more challenging than usual. I’m extremely excited to run our first race together – even if we don’t succeed in reaching his goal, it will be a great experience.


My weekly post obviously wouldn’t be complete without a photo of what I’ve eaten lately, so here’s my current breakfast obsession – eggs in toast (or egg in a hole, egg in a basket, toad in a hole or whatever you want to call it). A friend gave me this idea when she posted this recipe, and reminded me that I hadn’t eaten this in years, and had never actually made it before. Easiest thing in the world. I didn’t follow the recipe – I simply cut out holes in my bread (and ate them, obviously), cracked the eggs into the holes, flipped them over and voila – awesome breakfast. So much more fun than putting a fried egg on top of the toast and it sliding around everywhere (although I do like piling on smoked salmon, avocado etc with a fried or poached egg on top). I used cooking spray rather than butter – I’m sure butter would’ve tasted great and I have tons left over from all my cooking exam practice, but after eating an entire pint of ice cream last night (the perils of final exams…) I figured I should show some restraint!

Time to get back to studying – I’ve done very well on my other three finals so I’m hoping I can maintain this momentum for the next three days. It really does feel like the end of a race though – it’s all about mental endurance. I feel burnt out from an intensive semester, but I haven’t worked this hard to slack off now. Three more days – and then a well-deserved break!

Enjoy the sunshine and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!