To eat or not to eat? That’s often the question when it comes to fueling (or not) for early morning runs. If you have a sensitive stomach like me, you want to avoid GI distress – however, you don’t want to bonk during your training either, particularly if your morning run is on the longer side. Finding that sweet spot can take a little time, but if you experiment and follow a few generally accepted pieces of advice, you should be able to figure out a system that works well for your body.

Check out a recent interview I did with on this topic – it was published today, so I of course wanted to share it on FFR! The advice is pretty basic – most likely things you have heard many times before – but it’s a good reminder to stay in tune with your body’s needs and to ALWAYS practice your race day nutrition strategy during your training.

Back to the books – but first, I’ll leave you with a couple photos from Sunday. It was such a gorgeous day and I really enjoyed my walk across Brooklyn Bridge with a friend.

I also loved all the Spring flowers sprinkled across the city – these daffodils behind bars reminded me of how I feel when I’m in my little library cubicle!