This week has been pretty calm in terms of running (taking it easy after the half marathon), but extremely high intensity in just about every other area of my life! It’s also been filled with blossoms – I can’t tell you how excited I am that Spring is finally here. Makes it tough to lock myself up in the library with the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, but my runs have been glorious.

I finally took my last midterm this morning – it was an online exam that I could take anytime this week and was more challenging than I expected so I am very glad that it’s over. Not my favorite Sunday morning activity, I must say! I wish that I could take the rest of the day off to relax, but unfortunately my next round of exams start up next week, and I have a lot of studying to do, not to mention other work for my two volunteer positions and countless other things. But I did want to take a few minutes to share my latest updates!

Firstly, I am very excited to report that I have secured my first formal coaching gig, coaching the Gilda’s Club team to run the 2012 NYC Marathon! This has been in the works for several weeks, but I didn’t want to mention it until my position was official. Physical Equilibrium, where I intern, coaches Gilda’s club every year for the marathon and needed a running coach, so I obviously expressed interest and interviewed for the job. I can’t wait to finally make use of my RRCA certification and get some great experience – earning money obviously is helpful too, given that my two other positions are unpaid!

I will be coaching seven long runs and attending several meetings beginning in June. I will of course be doing my own training for the Chicago marathon, so I’ll need to make sure I remain available and committed to my runners without sacrificing the quality of my own runs. The solution I’ve come up with is to do my long runs the day before or day after the group runs (since I have the flexibility to choose the group long run days), and use group runs as recovery (since I don’t have to run more than 6M with them, unless I want to). I can also perhaps bike alongside my runners if I’m too tired to run (if I can borrow a bike). I’m sure I’ll also do a few longer runs with them too, but I’ll figure that out once I have a better sense of everyone’s pacing and what my own training schedule will be like. Should be fun! Also makes me feel better about not running NYC this year, as this way I still get to be involved.

Second, in this past week’s cooking class, I learned how to butcher a whole chicken. I realize that doesn’t sound all that exciting, but it was pretty cool. It will also help me save some money, as buying a whole chicken is far more economical. Obviously, I took photos (look away if you don’t like chicken).


I also had my first training with City Harvest on Friday – it was our own training on the Fruit Bowl program, so that we are prepared to begin training teachers next week. I will be working with two other volunteers to train about 500 teachers at 60 or 70 sites (preschools, after school programs etc) on the basics of healthy nutrition, the goals and objectives of Fruit Bowl (essentially, promoting healthy eating habits and regular physical activity to fight childhood obesity) and various activities they can use in their classrooms. The goal is to enhance participants’ knowledge about the Fruit Bowl program resources and prepare them to provide healthy snacks and nutrition education activities for the children they teach.

The training went very well – we essentially reviewed the entire presentation we will be giving and practiced leading nutrition activities. I was slightly nervous but I got positive feedback from my trainer, which gave me confidence. It’s a lot of information, and I have quite a lot of prep to do to familiarize myself with the materials, but it was fun, interesting and I really like the two other volunteers. I think we’ll make a great team! Our first site is a preschool up on West 155th street early Friday morning. It’s going to be a lot of work, given that we will be doing several site visits a week (and each will take up to 4.5 hours), but I think it will be worth it. Certainly my experience as a nutrition educator will help me develop skills that will prepare me for coaching this summer, and also for my career as an RD.

Lastly, I decided to enter the Brooklyn Half Marathon tomorrow, which is on May 19th. I really want to get another shot at improving my time, but after speaking with my PT on Wednesday, I decided that I need to focus on letting my hamstring heal 100% before getting back into structured training. She reminded me that running strong in Chicago is far more important to me than shaving a minute or two off my half time. My hamstring has been a bit sore after the race, but I’m hoping that with some low mileage weeks, lots of stretching and continued PT, I’ll bounce back soon. I’m tired of being in this weird gray area of injury – well enough to run but not well enough to push myself as much as I’d like – so I need to put in the time now to make sure I’m feeling great before my next training cycle begins in May.