What a perfect marathon Sunday! Congratulations runners – you looked great out there from mile 11.5 in Williamsburg. I wish I could’ve joined you – next year I hope! Definitely makes me want to sign up for my next marathon ASAP. The energy out there was unbeatable!

I saw the two professional women (fellow West coasters) I was looking out for – Lauren and Devon – they looked amazing and I snapped some good shots of them. Also cheered for my friend Elana who looked great and finished strong! Congrats Elana!

Here are some of my race photos, as well as an awesome video of the lead men: http://www.youtube.com/embed/9WsuzTbhZyE.


I’m also including some great shots taken by a guy named Brian who I met while spectating – he’s much taller than me as you can probably tell! He was looking for his sister, who we saw before Elana. He then went to the finish line – I included some of those shots since I wasn’t able to go! Looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing your photos, Brian!


Lastly, my friend Julia (Facebook.com/ExerciseIntention) who I stayed with in Brooklyn took some amazing photos with her fancy camera (I was just using my iPhone). These three were my favorites!

Time to pack my things for tomorrow’s flight and get dressed for my friend’s wedding – what an exciting day!