This exact time last year, I was on a flight from London to New York City, gearing up to run the NYC marathon. Today I’m flying to New York City as well, but this time from the other side of the world and with a different set of objectives. I’ll still be at the marathon, but on the other side of the fence, cheering on all the runners! It will be nice to give back after receiving so much support last November.

I will be on the road for about five weeks, first in NYC, then London and lastly New Hampshire and Boston for Thanksgiving. I’m really excited – I love being home but I miss city life, my friends and getting out of the house on a regular basis.

In terms of training, I am now starting to prepare for the North Face Endurance Challenge Half Marathon on December 4th, which I’m just running for fun but the course is very challenging so I really need to keep up my fitness. I ran my first longish run since the marathon this morning – 8M in Nisene Marks – and I felt great (insomnia-induced exhaustion aside). It’s been a really crazy morning of last minute preparations and I really needed some quiet time before resuming the chaos of trying to get out the door. Speaking of which, I probably should get on that…

I have more to say but sadly if I do not hit publish this minute I will miss my flight! I won’t have my laptop with me but hopefully I can blog without too much difficulty from my iPad…we shall see!