Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA recently! Since running the Portland Marathon and completing my RRCA coaching certification, I’ve shifted full-speed into school application mode, with a short break to focus on being an Aunt. Elisia is getting so big!

My application for NYU’s master’s program in Clinical Nutrition is due November 1st, but I am aiming to submit it by this Wednesday at the latest, so I have at least a couple days to prepare for my five-week NYC/London/Boston trip (which I really need to start planning). I have finished everything except for my personal statement. The process of writing this essay has been surprisingly difficult, and it’s been driving me slightly crazy to be honest. Multiple drafts later, however, I think I’m finally headed in the right direction. Today is my final push to finish a solid draft that won’t end up in the trash. I see the finish line ahead – or perhaps I should say the start line, because if I’m accepted into this program, the path towards my degree will be a long and challenging one, but one I am very excited to pursue!

Before I get back to work, I thought I’d give an update on my recovery/training progress since running the marathon two weeks ago. I went for a couple short, slow runs 6 and 7 days after the race, which felt good all things considered. I was pretty stiff and it was nice to stretch my legs, but after the second run my hip/upper quad started to ache again, so I decided to take a week off of running and see an orthopedic surgeon. I’ve been dealing with this problem since June and am determined to fix it so I can enter my next marathon training cycle (hopefully starting in January – race TBD) feeling 100%.

He took x-rays, as well as my full history. I don’t remember his entire technical explanation (I have requested a copy of my file), but here’s the basic summary: biomechanically, my body is in good shape (I just need to continue to work on not overstriding) and although my history of symptoms suggested I might have a stress fracture of some kind, looking at the x-rays confirmed that I do not. He also said my pelvis and hip joints look healthy, without any signs of impingement. He concluded that I may have had a slight labral tear last summer, but if so, it healed as a result of the time I took off from running and the fact that I am young and healthy.

Right now, I have iliopsoas and sartorius tightness and inflammation on my right side, which is causing the pain. He prescribed NSAIDs for a couple weeks and referred me to a physical therapist. He said he didn’t think I needed an MRI, and sees no reason why I shouldn’t progress my training, but if I run and it hurts, I should stop. He recommended using the elliptical and water running – biking and stair master would only increase my tightness (in other words, the opposite of what my physio in London suggested). I made another appointment to see him when I’m back in Santa Cruz after the Northface Endurance Challenge half marathon on December 4th.

All in all, great news! I’m hoping that if I stop doing spin class for awhile (which makes me very sad) and stick to elliptical while easing back into training for my half marathon, then the pain will improve. If not, I’ll just have to rest and see the doctor again. Either way, I’m determined to make this problem go away!

My other update is that the weather here in Santa Cruz has been GORGEOUS lately, including today. I’m a huge fan of this whole summer in October thing – and I guess I better appreciate it while I can, in the event I move to NYC in January! It’s actually slight torture though, because all I want to do is go to the beach and soak up the sunshine rather than work, but at least I can bring my computer out on the deck and get some fresh air as I write. Things could be worse – I could still be stuck in a corporate desk job! Although two months out, a paycheck is starting to sound quite appealing… 🙂

Lastly, I just read my horoscope while eating my Dad’s amazing banana pancakes (I love Sundays!) and thought it was quite appropriate in the context of my personal essay writing, so I’ll share: “Virgo – The timing for personal PR couldn’t be better, with Jupiter blasting your higher consciousness. Now here comes the sun and Wednesday’s new moon to hype your communications center. Say it loud and clear: I am the greatest!”

And on that note, back to writing about myself! Hope you are all having a relaxing, enjoyable Sunday.