After two days of diligently working on my RRCA coaching certification exam, I finally bit the bullet and submitted my answers for the 100 multiple choice question test. You get one chance to pass it, and must receive an 80% or higher. If you don’t, you have to take the course all over again! Thankfully, you are allowed to use all the materials and work with other students who took the course, the latter of which was INCREDIBLY helpful. We got some really great discussions going – it was a tricky test, and I really learned a lot through our team work!

I was quite confident I would get above 80% after reviewing so many answers with the others, but I was only the second person in the class to take the exam, so my heart was pounding as I completed the questions and clicked “Grade and submit.” A split second later, this is what flashed on the screen (and was simultaneously sent to the course instructors and the RRCA coaching committee):

I of course let out a big scream of joy when I saw that – 97%?! YEAH! I had worked hard on the test so I really wanted to get as close to 100% as possible – and a 97% is close enough for me!

I have already completed my First Aid/CPR course, which is the last step to becoming a certified coach for many of the other students. I’m quite pleased I got this out of the way earlier on, particularly since I’m in crunch time for my grad school applications (or more specifically, just my NYU MS/DPD application). This means that all I have to do is pay my RRCA membership fee (which will put me on the roster of certified coaches on their site) and get myself some insurance, and then I’ll be ready to accept clients! Extremely exciting. I think I should be able to sleep very well tonight, having gotten this off my plate!

Stay tuned for a brand new, separate coaching website – I hope to have this up and running in the next month or so. And if anyone is looking for a coach in the meantime, email me at!