I can’t believe I’m running a marathon in less than three days. I haven’t run that far in 11 months – no wonder I’m getting nervous!

I have only run twice this week so far – an easy 20 minutes this morning to stretch my legs before my flight, and 5 miles (including 3 at marathon pace) yesterday. My hip/inner thigh soreness is unfortunately still present even after my lovely 90-minute massage on Monday and two rest days. It’s not too bad, but I should probably expect to feel some pain in the later stages of the race on Sunday, as opposed to just extreme mental and physical fatigue, which was my experience in NYC. Obviously if at any point I suspect I am doing permanent damage, I will not continue, but I don’t think that will be the case. As long as my stomach behaves, I think I can handle the pain, the rain, or whatever else. I’m still majorly traumatized from my GI issues in Paris – never again!!!

Speaking of which, I created a strict meal plan that I am following today through Sunday morning, essentially modeled after my pre-NYC meal plan since that worked well for me last year. The idea is to take in roughly 6g of carb and 1.4g of protein per kg of body weight per day – right now I’m around 53.5kg (or 118 pounds), so I’m aiming to consume about 321g carbohydrate (mostly from pasta, bagels, oatmeal, rice and sugary things like honey, jelly babies etc.) and 75g of protein (mostly from fish, chicken, eggs and nuts) per day. I also worked in 40-43g of fat (mostly from olive oil and protein sources) per day. My fiber intake will be around 18g on Thursday and then 10g on Friday and Saturday. I rarely eat things like white rice, plain spaghetti, white potatoes etc., but when it comes to marathon prep, I have learned the hard way to avoid high fiber foods!

I’m heading to the airport soon to fly to Portland! If you want to track my progress on Sunday, please visit this link – my bib number is 9097 and the race begins at 7am Pacific time. I’m hoping my cousins will be able to give me some support on race day, since this is my first race without my parents or any friends cheering me on. Any virtual support is of course welcome too!

And last but not least, I just got my pace bands in the mail from races2remember and wanted to share them…It’s really happening folks!