By some (30th birthday) miracle, registration for the 2012 Boston Marathon remains open in week two, meaning that any qualifiers (including myself with my BQ by 24 seconds) can attempt to get a spot. As you can see below, I just registered – YAY!

Apparently the fastest entrants within each age/qualifying group still get priority, and we won’t find out until later this month as to whether or not we are accepted, so all I can do is stay positive and keep my fingers and toes crossed! If all goes well, I’ll find out that I got into Boston just before I run Portland – similar to how I found out I won a place in the NYC marathon lottery just days before running my first marathon in Paris.

I’m trying SO hard not to get my hopes too high before I know for sure that I’m in, but it’s hard not to at least get slightly excited when I didn’t think I’d even make it this far. I know so many runners who are dying to run Boston for the first time and are in the same boat – I truly hope we all get a chance to finally run this race after working so hard to get the opportunity to register!

In the meantime, have to focus on Portland training…today I had planned to do hills, but I’m SO not in the mood. I think I may take E to Nisene Marks instead to show him that gorgeous trail I wasn’t able to fully enjoy on my own the other week. And then – off to Big Sur for a couple days! I love California…

P.S. I think we still managed to get our hill session in – check out my Garmin details and elevation profile below (1,016ft elevation gain – not too shabby). Awesome run – what a great way to start the week!