I got back from my long weekend in Iceland late last night – check out my photo album to get a glimpse of all my running and other adventures! Also, stay tuned for an awesome guest post from E on his Icelandic racing victory – he kicked some serious butt in the half and I’m extremely proud of him. It’s inspiring just how far he has come since running this race (his first half marathon, in fact) two years ago. Go E!

In the meantime, here’s my quick and dirty race recap: the Reykjavik 10k went well, especially taking into account my hip injury and recent lack of running. I set out with the goal to push myself hard, but not *too* hard until the last couple of miles to ensure I didn’t crash and burn, all while remaining mindful of my hip. I also promised myself I would at least get under 48 minutes, if not under 47. I ended up running 6.28M (narrow streets/slower runners forced me to weave a lot in the first few miles) in 46:46, which although not exactly close to my recent 10k times (45ish), was fast enough (7:26 min/mile average pace) to rebuild some of the confidence I had lost in my fitness levels. It had been over five weeks since I had run anything over five miles, and much longer since I had sustained a tempo pace for any decent length of time, so I was quite pleased. Plus my hip behaved!

But what surprised me (and gave me an extra confidence boost) was that even with my slower time, I managed to place really well! I came in 296th overall out of 3736 finishers, 20th of 2294 women and 10th of 1250 in my division (19 – 39). Had I run closer to my 45ish time, I would’ve placed 5th in my division – crazy! I’ve never placed that high in anything – guess it pays to do smaller, slightly more random races (with a lot of slower runners, apparently…)!

Here’s the link to my Garmin race details in case you want to check out the route, as well as a few visual highlights if you don’t feel like looking at the full album. Enjoy!