Sorry, I’m just a little bit excited. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t really had a chance for this to really sink in, and finally, now that I’m sitting at my empty desk, having already sent out my farewell emails, gone on my last team lunch and said my goodbyes, I actually feel like I am leaving. And it is an incredible feeling – a long-awaited, energizing, satisfying feeling.

Little things will take some adjustment – like not having my blackberry. Yeah, I know, most people cannot wait to hand in a work blackberry, but since I also use it for all my personal communication while not at home (my phone is ancient, annoying and anything but smart), I predict some withdrawal. But that’s okay – I need to disconnect slightly during my last days in London to focus on my monster to-do list and say goodbye to my friends here, in person. I also can finally get a REAL phone once I’m back in the US – iPhone or Android, what do you guys think? Let’s get some debate flowing… 🙂

I will also miss some of my weekday routines – going to my favorite classes at the gym, having my coffee and breakfast as I read the news before starting my work for the day, gossiping with colleagues, lunchtime river runs etc. I certainly won’t miss the office – but I do like having that sense of structure. But again, breaking it all down and starting fresh is healthy – and necessary.

Oh yes – paychecks, can’t forget about that! I got my last one today, which was slightly painful – not sure when I’ll be seeing another one of those!!

And last but not least, I will miss some of my wonderful colleagues, who have truly made my work experience special (as well as tolerable). This morning I was surprised by a box of Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes (my favorite – now I really need to run!), a bouquet of beautiful roses, a London mug for my big cups of coffee, a “keep calm and carry on” coaster and a gigantic goodbye & good luck card.

And the cupcakes…

So now I’m wrapping things up and preparing to leave, at last. I remember the sense of freedom I felt five years ago as I left my NYC office building for good before travelling in South America – I feel the same way now. That mixture of exhilaration and fear, nostalgia/sadness and impatience to leave as quickly as possible…but most of all, I felt deeply confident that I had made the right decision. And I certainly did – just as I am doing now. I cannot wait to start making my way down my new chosen path!

But first, I need to properly celebrate the end of this chapter of my life – and what better way to do that than with another travel (and running) adventure?!

In a few hours, I’m meeting up with E to catch a flight to Iceland. We’ll have four days there to run the Reykjavik half marathon/10k and simply explore as much of the country as possible, which I hear is absolutely gorgeous! It’s been AGES since I’ve left the UK (for me, at least) – since the Amalfi Coast trip in June, actually! Normally I’m away at least twice a month during the summer, but with so much going on, I figured it would be wise to stay in town for most of July and August to prepare for my big move. It was a good call – although I can’t say that I feel prepared, I’m very much excited for a London break!

Which I guess is another good thing, given that in less than two weeks, I’ll be on my one-way flight back to California…