Sorry for the recent silence – it’s been an insane week! I wish I could say that a good chunk of the craziness involved running, but as you know that’s not the case for me this time around. Swapping a 30 minute run/walk for a 15-miler is a huge bummer, but at least it leaves me with more time on my hands, and I really need as many extra hours as I can get right now!

Since my last post, I hosted my flat leaving party, which was exhausting but tons of fun; started packing up years of accumulated stuff (I’ve hardly made a dent in this one…aaaah!); constantly checked on my newborn niece Elisia, who finally went home after five days in the hospital; spent several days watching the news and trying not to get caught up in the London rioting/looting (truly shocking, but finally calming down); and wrote several drafts of my “running story” for my coach’s new book, which still isn’t done and has been taking me AGES to finish because I really want it to be great. Tonight, I have my work leaving drinks – only FOUR DAYS left in the office after today (YAY) – tomorrow work and packing, Saturday packing and moving, Sunday/Monday I have an out of town wedding, Tuesday – Thursday are my last days at work and more packing, Friday – Monday I’ll be in Iceland, Tuesday – Monday is my last week in London (and is already jam packed) and then Tuesday the 30th at an ungodly hour of the morning, back to California I go! And that doesn’t even take into account school applications…or a billion other things I have yet to do…

Holy crap! Deep breath.

But this is primarily a running blog, so let’s get back on topic!

Last week, I got the green light from my physio to start running at last – well, running/walking to be exact – bringing my weekly mileage to just over seven miles! Pathetic yes, but much better than the previous week’s big fat zero.

I was feeling optimistic but also quite frustrated because I’m used to having a running schedule, not being fed one or two runs at a time. I told my physio that I need to be able to see the bigger picture – particularly how my training will unfold leading up to the marathon on October 9th, assuming that my rehab goes well and my injury continues to heal properly. He had been reassuring me that I’d be fine to run 26.2 miles, but I was struggling to understand how I could possibly train in such a short amount of time, particularly taking the taper into account. I wouldn’t be worried if I had a strong running fitness base, as I did before my injury, but I don’t anymore and I need to be mindful of my hip as I actively recover.

Unfortunately, I didn’t hear back from my physio with a longer term running plan until late Sunday night, so I had to do a bit of improvisation that morning. Normally that wouldn’t bother me, but given how much time and money I’ve already invested in treatment, I would obviously prefer to follow his advice than risk making myself worse! I’m so eager to start running again at this stage that I really do need a professional to pull in the reins and force me to take it easy. Then again, I’ve lost so much fitness that even Sunday’s 4 x 5min running intervals left me breathless, so can’t get too ahead of myself even if I wanted to!

I finally met with him yesterday and feel better now that we have a game plan for the next two weeks at least (see below), carrying me through to our next appointment on August 24, when I hope we will complete the schedule. He confirmed that it would be unwise to run a half marathon a week from this Saturday, so I regret to say that I am officially pulling out of the Reykjavik half (E seems to think that forfeiting equals him winning – I beg to differ). I’m hoping that the race officials will let me downgrade to the 10k race that same morning, because at this stage, I simply want to be able to participate. I booked a trip to Iceland to run a race – and thus I would like to run a race! When E gets up early and puts on his running gear, I want to be doing the same. When he walks around with a medal around his neck, I (hopefully) will have one around mine too. I want to share with him that great post-race feeling as we relax and enjoy a nice meal together. Not to say that I wouldn’t be happy to watch his race – but it’s more fun to be able to experience it with him.

This past week, I’ve struggled most with this feeling of being left behind. Of course I miss my early morning solitary runs, and yes it’s a shame that I’m missing out on a PB opportunity in Portland, but I’ve accepted all that. My current focus is simply becoming injury free! Nonetheless, the thought of all my running friends training without me makes me sad. At my flat leaving party, I overheard E talking to my friends (our now mutual friends) about getting together to do a long run the following morning. Of course I don’t mind him running with them, and obviously I want him to train hard for the half marathon I’m no longer running, but it was still devastating to sit there silently as they discussed routes and times. Usually I’m the one gathering everyone together for a social run of some kind! In the end, the run didn’t pan out plus it was POURING all day long, so I didn’t feel too bad about missing a 16-miler…

Anyway, in case you’d like to know what rehabbing from a hip injury looks like, here’s my plan for week 7 (first week back running), week 8 (current) and week 9 (week of Iceland 10k) that my physio helped me create. I’m supposed to do a variety of hip/glute strengthening exercises every day too. Also, just a reminder that I can’t do yoga, elliptical, rowing or swimming at the moment (just so you don’t think I’m in love with the stair master machine or something…). Full Portland Marathon training plan (if you can call it that, with how little running is in there) can be found here.

I’ll wish everyone a great weekend now, as I’ll most likely be engulfed in packing and other things for the next few days!

Week 7

Monday – 1km easy; Tuesday – 60min spin class, weights; Wednesday – 5min x [30sec run, 30sec walk]; 10min x physio’s pyramid [20sec run, 20sec walk; 30sec run, 30sec walk; 40sec run, 40sec walk; 30sec run, 30sec walk; 20sec run, 20sec walk]; Thursday – 60min spin class, weights; Friday – Same run as on Wed; Saturday – 50min stairmaster; Sunday – 4 x [5min steady run, 3min walk].

Week 8

Monday – 10min x [60sec easy run, 30sec walk], then 15min of physio’s pyramid but running sections hard effort; Tuesday – 50min spin class, weights; Wednesday – 10min x [60sec easy run, 30sec walk], then 20min of pyramid, even harder effort during running intervals; Thursday – 55min spin class, weights (I’m currently here); Friday – 25min easy run (first straight running session – yay!); Saturday – 50min stairmaster; Sunday – 10min x [90sec easy run, 30sec walk], then 20min of pyramid, but instead of walk/fast run, easy run/sprint.

Week 9

Monday – 35min easy run; Tuesday – 45min spin class, weights; Wednesday – 10min easy, 4 x 2min hard (6:39min/mile) with 2min recoveries, 10min easy (first “normal” speed session, like ones I used to do pre-injury); Thursday – 20min easy (might do 10min easy, 5 x 20sec acceleration strides, 5-10min easy); Friday – Rest; Saturday – Reykjavik 10k race; Sunday – Rest (hiking in Iceland, most likely).