I’m feeling a bit bummed out today – not only because of the INSANE weather (seriously, I fear London might wash away from the latest series of torrential downpours), but also because I can no longer ignore the nagging pain in my right hip, and to a lesser extent, in my right knee as well. It’s only week three of my Portland marathon training – I can’t be sidelined already!

You would think I would seize any excuse to sleep in (and sometimes I do), but for the most part I’m quite stubborn when it comes to taking days off. I of course incorporate at least one (if not two) full rest days into my training schedule, in addition to cross-training and recovery runs, but if I have to skip an important run or even worse, several runs in a row, I go a bit crazy, even if I know it’s the right thing to do. Exercise makes me happy (as discussed in yesterday’s NY Times article: “Why Exercise Makes Us Feel Good“) and helps alleviate my stress levels – I’m a huge grump without it!

So when my hip started to feel a bit sore, I ignored it, assuming it was the product of a hard session and would go away with some rest and stretching. When it got worse, particularly after this past Sunday’s 12 miler, I decided to take Monday off and cross-train Tuesday, so that I could get back on schedule by Wednesday. When I still felt no improvement, I knew that doing my scheduled tempo run would not be wise, but was so running starved I did it anyway.

As I hopped on the treadmill, I knew I was being stupid, but my hip didn’t really hurt while running and I felt so strong otherwise, I couldn’t help but keep going! Of course, when I got off the treadmill, my hip was throbbing – shocker! So I’m following my own advice (as I should’ve done yesterday) and cutting myself off – no running until I feel better!

Fingers crossed it’s just cumulative soreness from a few particularly hard weeks – including my amazing but intense Lake District weekend and my workshop with Sam Murphy. I’m pretty sure it’s just a question of resting for a few days and visiting my talented sports masseuse (Clive Lacey) tomorrow so that he can work his magic and lead me on the road to a speedy recovery. I need to be in good shape for the New Forest 10 on Sunday – my first 10M race, which I plan to run as a structured training session with a friend.

It’s difficult not to be paranoid given I’ve had prolonged right hip and knee injuries in the past. However, as long as I am as disciplined with my rest as I am with my training, which I have written about before and which is CRUCIAL to preventing something like this from becoming more serious, and continue to incorporate technique drills and strength training into my routine, I think I’ll be just fine!