I very rarely enter competitions, but when I came across the Cheribundi Marathon Challenge, I simply HAD to enter.

The winner not only receives a free trip to Las Vegas, including a spot in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on December 4th, but also gets to meet and run with ultramarathoner Scott Jurek and blog about the entire training and racing experience on Cheribundi’s website. Apparently Scott may even pace the winner for part of the race!

Hmm – let’s see – I’ve never been to Vegas (shameful for a Californian!) and have been dying to go for ages; Scott Jurek is one of my running idols; I will have just turned 30 (what better place/what better way to celebrate?!) and received my RRCA coaching certification; I’m looking to do a late 2011 marathon to chase after the new BQ time (and this one, although not at my preferred time of day, looks awesome); and I obviously love to blog about running and traveling.

Sounds quite perfect for me, no?!

This would be an amazing opportunity, so I may as well give it my best shot! I have submitted my “entry” on Facebook – essentially, a wall post stating why I should win, above the NYC marathon photo that appears on my blog. To vote for me, you first have to click the “Like” button at the top of Cheribundi’s Facebook page, and then scroll down the wall and click the “Like” button beneath my photo (this is what gives me the vote). The more likes I receive on my post, the greater my chances of winning! I’m currently in second place but quite a bit behind the leader, so please take a few seconds to help me out and I will be extremely grateful! You can unlike Cheribundi after liking my photo, if you wish.

Thanks for the support!

Scott Jurek (photo borrowed from the "Vegetarian Star")