Yep, it’s time for another travel adventure already! I can’t say that I’m excited for the 3:45am cab to the airport tomorrow (those early morning flights always seem like a great idea when booked months in advance), but I can’t wait for some proper summer weather while exploring the Amalfi Coast for four days!

A friend of E’s is getting married in Ravello – I’ve been to Sicily and all over Italy, but never to Naples and the Amalfi Coast, so of course I had to tag along. Also, technically speaking, my Portland Marathon training begins on Monday June 20th, so what better way to prepare for my next big effort than a bit of R&R, plenty of great food and wine (I’m going to a Jewish/Italian wedding…enough said), sunshine, swimming…

…And HILLS. My running shoes go pretty much everywhere I go, so I hope to fit in a short run or two. Given that we are essentially staying on top of a mountain, I can be pretty certain that any route I take will involve lots of hills. And guess what I just discovered? If I enjoy running down there, I can enter the Amalfi Coast Marathon, which this year will be held on December 18th. How convenient, since E and I are looking for a December marathon to do together. Check out this crazy course profile – it looks like a roller coaster!!

I commented that at least the entrance fee would be cheap (25 euro if we enter by the end of June) – to which E replied, “Yeah it’s cheap – if you don’t count the helicopter evacuation.”

Good point, E…So I’ll just go back to focusing on this weekend – and Iceland – and Portland – first. 🙂