Happy Saturday everyone!

Given how little time I’ve had lately to do things like, say, nutrition course homework (currently am two weeks behind), Spring cleaning (better one season too late than never), and a whole bunch of other stuff on my to-do list that I’ve been putting off for ages, I was forced to cancel other plans and finally get it all done today.

I haven’t been quite as productive as I had hoped, but I’ve definitely made some progress:

*I read one chapter in my textbook, all about Fats. Interesting stuff. I now know, for instance, why chocolate melts in your mouth and not in your hand. Crucial information, clearly. Only four more chapters to go…

*I did a 7.5M/60-minute fartlek run in the sunshine – not quite the tempo run I had planned on the treadmill (couldn’t face the gym), but still a relatively challenging run.

*I FINALLY registered for the Reykjavik Half Marathon on August 20th with E, and we also booked flights, so it’s official – I’ll be in Iceland for four days this August! Well, if the volcanoes behave, that is – fingers crossed!! We were very close to entering the full marathon, but then decided we would prefer to do some sort of day-long snow mobile/glacier trekking adventure the day after the race, which obviously requires the ability to walk! This is a big item off my list, since we have been talking about doing this race for over a year now – E ran the half two years ago and loved it, and I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland and can’t imagine going from anywhere other than London, since it’s so close. Even still, it will be an expensive trip, but hopefully staying in a hostel and flying at odd times will offset the total cost. I think it will be worth it!

*I also finally booked a flight to California at the end of August to spend some extended time with family, meet my niece and (gasp) turn the big 3-0. Very excited (well, not so much for the latter…)!

*And as an extension of the above, I just received an email from the RRCA yesterday that they have added new coaching certification courses to their September/October calendar. Sadly, there is no California course, and the date of the one in NYC (which would be an ideal location, since I am overdue for an East Coast visit) is too early for me to attend. However, there is a course from October 7-8 in Portland, OR which could be doable. It’s not too far from CA, I’ve never been there (but have heard great things – Nike HQ is near there too!) AND I could even sign up for the Portland Marathon on October 9th. I’m still not sure if I’m up for more marathon training just yet, but I’m already logging about 30M per week, so I could easily increase my mileage later in the summer and do the bare minimum to simply enjoy the race. Looks like the entries are filling up fast, so I’ll have to decide soon if I’m up for either/both.

Has anyone run the Portland marathon before and/or is planning to run it this year? I’m sure if I did the RRCA course beforehand, which would take up most of my time and presumably introduce me to some interesting new people, I’d be fine going to Portland by myself, but it would be nice to have some company (particularly for after the race). So if I do it, I’ll most likely try to recruit one of my parents and/or some friends.

Either way, E and I are considering some marathons in later November/December that could be fun. I would hate to let all of 2010 go by without at least one big race!

Anyway, that’s my update for now. Back to the books as well as the disastrous state of my room!