I woke up this morning with an urge to practice my “marathon pace,” which I’ve put in quotes because I’m not actually signed up for a marathon at the moment. As you may have guessed, I’ve caught marathon fever from yesterday’s London and today’s Boston marathons! I feel a renewed determination to get back out there and chase my next PB – 3:35, or perhaps even 3:30 on a flat course, if I put my mind (and body) to it.

I managed to churn out a relatively fast 7.45 miles as I looped the river, averaging around 7:56 min/mile – although I think maybe Garmin got a bit excited during my first mile (it’s been taking forever to find reliable satellite signals recently), so perhaps more like 7:59 average. Either way, I was very pleased, especially given my long run on Saturday and my lack of sleep these past few weeks! It reminded me that even without regular hill sessions and interval training, my overall running fitness is still quite strong.

Well, relatively strong. Every time I think about the average marathon pace of an elite woman runner, it is just mind boggling – impossible for me ever to attain, obviously, but still very inspiring.

Speaking of which, if you weren’t following the Boston Marathon coverage earlier today, you missed a very exciting race. I was only following via my Twitter feed, so I can only imagine what it must have been like live or on the television – what a nail biter! I am a bit disappointed that Americans Desire Davila and Ryan Hall didn’t win (so close!), but was truly impressed by the performances of these as well as many other runners today.

Davila came in second with a time of 2:22:38, only TWO SECONDS behind winner Caroline Kilel of Kenya. That placed her as the second fastest American woman marathoner in history!

Ryan Hall unfortunately only ranked 4th place, but his time of 2:04:58 awarded him the title of fastest American runner ever. Yeah, I think I’d be pretty happy about that!

Geoffrey Mutai, another Kenyan (of course – they’ve dominated many of the recent big marathons), won the men’s race in 2:03:02, the fastest marathon time ever recorded by nearly a minute! Unfortunately, however, it didn’t qualify as a world record because the Boston course has too much downhill from start to finish to be eligible. Yes, another reason I want to run this race!

So it’s been a marathon-filled couple of days, and I’m now really craving a big race for myself. It’s great being a spectator, but nothing beats participating in – and finishing – a major event!

For now, however, I’ll be enjoying some shorter challenges – the 17km Kentmere trail race, the New Forest 10 miler, and perhaps a London 10 miler and the Iceland half. E tried to convince me to enter the Swiss Alpine marathon (or 30km) in Davos, Switzerland in July, but I quickly vetoed that idea, having heard horror stories from my coach’s experience, which you can read about here. I think we would need a bit of preparation for that one…

In the meantime, Boston and London 2012 are calling my name. Which one will it be? Given that both require a lot of luck to be on my side (assuming I do not run for charity), I realize the answer might end up being neither, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!