There is an amazing hybrid tree around the corner from my flat which makes me very happy in the springtime (you gotta enjoy the simple pleasures in life, right?).

It looks normal for most of the year and isn’t on a busy street, so it’s easy to miss. In spring, however, the tree shows its true colors when it reveals its gorgeous mixture of white and pink blossoms. For four years now, I have watched it carefully throughout March and April, looking forward to the day it finally blooms – today is that day! So, of course, I had to take photos.

These trees across the street were pretty awesome this morning, too.

And speaking of colors, I had a pretty spectacular seaweed salad last night. When I saw it, I nearly described the bottom two types as appearing “radioactive” to my friend, but then thankfully my brain switched on and I realized that perhaps that would not be the best choice of adjectives…

After a dinner of yellowtail carpaccio, seaweed salad with a tasty creamy dressing, lots of edamame, and more of that intensely flavorful Rabot Estate chocolate I bought last weekend, I wasn’t too excited for my breakfast of  “Bodychef special cereal” this morning.

Definitely didn’t look or taste very special, but was relatively filling with all the nuts and seeds.

At least the weekend is nearly here and it’s another gorgeous day outside – feels like summer, actually! Surprisingly, my oatcakes with cheese and chopped salad (bell pepper, corn, celery and onion) on top and more frozen grapes for dessert ended up being a tasty, refreshing and convenient meal for my outdoor picnic just now!

So, between all of the above as well as the fact that I finally was able to bind my arms in a twisting pose this morning in yoga, I’d say that today is a great day!