I am over halfway through Bodychef’s 5-day superfood delivery program and am happy to report that I have, for the most part, only eaten what the company has provided. That is most definitely an accomplishment for me!

My diet experiment certainly hasn’t been easy, but it IS getting better as my body adjusts to not overeating at meals, snacking constantly, and/or being overloaded with sugar! I don’t know about you, but I use the excuse of being a runner as license to pig out a bit too often – of course we can get away with a bit more than non-exercisers, but at a certain point, it still catches up to you!

Although I am thinking about food a bit more than I normally would (and I think about food quite a bit), it feels great to actually be hungry and excited for every meal and snack, and to feel satisfied but not overly full after I have eaten. Such simple concepts, I know, but as you may have experienced too, sometimes they are not so simple in reality.

Only once have I been STARVING, and that was yesterday afternoon when, after sending hunger-induced ranting emails to my flatmate (who is also doing this program) and staring at my menu with extreme confusion and sadness (since I had already eaten lunch), I finally called Bodychef because there was no way I was given enough food! Sure enough, I was told that – whoops – they had labelled my Tuesday snacks as Wednesday. I was annoyed (are they trying to kill me?!) but mostly relieved, as I hung up the phone and immediately stuffed my face (well, as much as you can with a bag of walnuts…).

So what’s been on the menu for Day 3?

For breakfast, I had large coffee with milk and a bowl of natural lowfat yoghurt with muesli and pumpkin seeds. I added cinnamon to the bowl because I love cinnamon, but otherwise this was pretty much what I would have on a normal morning (but in a smaller quantity). It was more filling and much tastier than the bran flakes with pumpkin seeds that I had yesterday, at least!

I also had a decent-sized bag of grapes, which I had put into the freezer yesterday because frozen grapes are delicious and also take longer to eat. I was particularly grateful for a refreshing snack given that it’s a gorgeous and unseasonably warm day out, and my 25-minute walk to work had heated me up quite a bit! Munching on these cooled me down in no time.

I snacked on some almonds an hour before my 5.5M @ 8:20min/mile lunchtime run. Normally I would have a banana (better to have something with carbs), but I felt fine – actually great – during my run. I’m sure having finally gotten some sleep last night, as well as my awesome sports massage on Monday and the amazing weather all contributed, but I felt a bit lighter and less lethargic than I did during my weekend runs. I was hungry though when I got back to the office and devoured my almond macaroon (which was quite tasty) with a large glass of milk – a good post-run combo of carbs and protein.

Lunch wasn’t awesome, mainly because it was small and I’m getting bored of crackers/oatcakes with some sort of spread. The spread/cracker combo of the day was smoked salmon pate with four ryvitas and two plums. The plums were a bit manky so I resurrected what I could and substituted the bad parts for a more flavorful clementine that I just so happened to have. I then tossed some cinnamon into my fruit salad, arranged my pate and crackers, and ended up with a lunch that was pretty, relatively filling (after having the rest of my milk allotment for the day) and actually tasted okay too.

I only had an apple as an afternoon snack along with some green tea, and it’s now nearly dinner time, but surprisingly I feel great – just a normal amount of hunger (unlike the unbearable hunger before my first night’s dinner).  But maybe that’s in part because of all the excitement – tonight I’m actually going out! Woo-hoo! It’s not cheating if I still have a healthy meal…

I froze tonight’s dinner of Turkey escalopes with chestnut mushrooms and sherry (ooh, getting fancy) to have on Friday night because my 5-day plan is really a 4.5-day plan, given that it does not provide Friday dinner. I’m assuming that is because they believe most people have lives (except for me, clearly) and want to be social on a Friday night!

Anyway, off I go to enjoy something very fresh and not out of a plastic container or bag at a local Japanese restaurant with a good friend. Yay!