My flatmate has been using a food delivery service called Bodychef for the past few weeks and has experienced great results so far in her weight loss efforts. Although I’m not a fan of diets, I would like to lose a few pounds that I’ve put on recently and have always been curious about home delivery programs, so I figured I’d give it a try. I’m not sure I can do more than one week though – I love to cook, and only being able to consume what the company provides really limits what you can do socially!

I opted for the 5-day superfood plan (1400 calories), tailored to my food preferences and allergies. I would of course need to consume more calories if I were training for an event, but given my relatively relaxed and shortened exercise sessions in the last couple of weeks, this calorie goal is reasonable. It will still be challenging though!

So how does it work?

When I woke up this morning, there was a cool box left outside my door filled with all my food for the working week (Monday breakfast through Friday lunch), along with a menu. It took me awhile to rummage through the box and sort out what to eat when, but I finally managed to grab the correct breakfast, lunch and snacks for today.

I can’t say that I agree with all of their food selections – cheese and new potatoes, for example, are not what I would consider superfoods! But there are some tasty items on the menu, many of which I already make for myself on a regular basis.

The 5-day plan cost me about £80 or £16 per day, which is more affordable than I imagined before signing up. Cooking these things myself would be slightly cheaper, and perhaps better tasting too, but having everything ready to go and in the correct portions is extremely convenient.

More importantly for me, however, is that this will be a great opportunity to practice more mindful eating. I incorporate tons of healthy foods into my diet, but I also eat a fair amount of processed junk and other not so healthy things. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for indulgences in moderation (or not in moderation, as the case may be – you have to enjoy life, afterall) – but I’m excited to discover how I feel after eating really well for five days since I can’t remember the last time I actually did that! It will also be refreshing to listen more closely to my body’s hunger signals rather than eating just because food is available.

Here’s what I had for breakfast – natural yoghurt with berry compote, sunflower seeds and orange juice.

I was still hungry after I ate this – probably because I ran 5 miles at 8:10min/mile this morning – but I managed to wait an hour, have some coffee (you are allowed up to 3/4 pint of skim milk per day) and then tucked into my snacks (dried apricots and almonds).

As for lunch, today’s menu included a small tub of hummus, four oatcakes, and a fruit salad. That is TINY, mostly in relation to what I usually eat (often a big salad with lean protein and fruit, or a big bowl of soup with bread and fruit), but also compared to the size of tonight’s dinner. I wish they had balanced it out a bit more.

At least my lunch looked nicer after being taken out of plastic containers – I’m clearly all about the aesthetics (somehow it tastes better this way).

Surprisingly, I’m feeling relatively full after eating this, along with a big glass of water and some green tea. It is just 3:30pm though, and I only have a few dates and almonds to get me through the next four hours.

I’m sure I’ll be fine as long as I stop focusing on it – one of the benefits of this program is, after all, letting someone else do all the planning and preparation of your meals! Not much thought is required, other than reading the menu and putting a few things together. Perhaps the pain I will feel from my 6pm sports massage will distract me from the hunger pangs I’ll surely be experiencing by that hour! 🙂

Thankfully, tonight’s dinner is a bit more substantial – a slice of “luxury turkey meatloaf,” sweet potato mash, steamed broccoli and fresh passion fruit.

Not quite as exciting as some of the dinners I have made for myself recently, such as the baked sea bass with fresh mint, ginger and lemon, along with grilled asparagus, baby aubergine, and pomegranate, blood orange and kiwi salad with cinnamon, mint and lime.

It was fun to make, delicious and packed with nutrients, but I guess you can’t really put that kind of a thing in a box…