A very close friend of mine is visiting me this weekend from New York City, and it’s been wonderful spending time with her and showing her around my area on this lovely Spring day!

It’s amazing how much more you appreciate where you live sometimes when you have a visitor – all the little (or not so little) things you take for granted each day are unique and exciting to fresh eyes! And then you think – wow – I live here? Awesome!

After enjoying a tough but good run together this morning, I took her to Borough Market to explore and get some delicious treats. Items in our shopping basket included fresh sourdough bread from St. John’s bakery; two types of sheep cheeses (raw, of course); oat cakes; oak smoked tomatoes from the Isle of Wight; fresh strawberries; granny smith apples; blood oranges; green curly kale; Scottish smoked salmon; fresh free-range eggs; 70% ‘Dash of Milk’ Rabot Estate chocolate; and, of course, more Monmouth coffee.

I thought it would be fun to have a somewhat English-themed (in appearance, at least) lunch with some of our findings:

My friend loved it (as did I). The insanely fresh bread was particularly heavenly, eaten with the cheese and smoked tomatoes (my new favorite Borough market item, btw, although the chestnut pappardelle is tough to beat).

I’m still full from lunch, but am excited to finally try Hakkasan for dinner tonight.

I also can’t wait for brunch tomorrow – after a leisurely morning run, of course. I’m thinking some sort of Borough market feast, with grilled bread, the cheeses, smoked tomatoes, smoked salmon, poached eggs, sauteed kale, fruit salad, Monmouth coffee and a little chocolate…So tasty!