Now that I have finished training for the Fleet Half Marathon, perhaps you’re wondering what’s up next in my running calendar. To be perfectly honest, not all that much, which is both strange and liberating after such a race-filled year!

At the moment, the only event I have entered is the 17km Kentmere Challenge on June 4th in the Lake District, which I am running with a group of friends. I’m not planning on doing any structured training for this event, although I will obviously be doing a fair amount of running to stay in shape. I’ll probably have to throw in some hill training too, because based on my last trip up there, the trails look something like this:

I also hope to enter the Reykjavik half marathon on August 20th, as part of my desire to do more destination races. E did this race two years ago and we had hoped to run it together last summer, but the dates didn’t end up working out. I’ve always wanted to visit Iceland, so should be a fun long weekend if I can get the time off to go!

Other than that, I’ll probably do a local 5k park run and 10k, as well as a 10 miler (I’ve never done one!) and another half marathon somewhere in the UK (Canterbury perhaps?) to keep myself fit, but chances are no other “big” races for awhile. I had originally wanted to do a fall marathon – Berlin, Chicago or something more exotic like Kauai – but with the birth of my niece in August (and the fact that registration is now closed, for Berlin and Chicago at least), I’m going to postpone my next major marathon (ie one that I train for seriously) until next year. I need a break from PB-driven training, and that’s why I’m turning more to trail races and other “low key” events (as designated by me, that is) for the time being.

E and I are actually toying with the idea of entering an ultra over the summer, although we haven’t found one yet that is suitable in terms of location, distance and date that still has spaces. He is obsessed with running an ultra, and I told him I’d join but only if we start with 50k – it’s been awhile since I’ve run over 15 miles so I’d prefer not to dive right into a 50 or 100-miler! Hopefully he’s not still considering doing this crazy 50M trail race in the Lake District that he decided to enter awhile back. The race requires navigation skills (potentially in the dark), and given that he can hardly find his way around cities (remember my Effing Forest post?), I’m not sure it’s a good idea for him to attempt a solo 50 mile race in the mountains!

I’m also still clinging to my .01% chance of getting into Boston – if not, there’s always Big Sur, London, Napa or a number of other great races! We’ll see how it all shakes out…

So it’s going to be less fight and more flight for awhile. I’ve replaced my packed running schedule with an increasingly crazy travel schedule. It all kicks off with a long weekend in Morocco bright and early tomorrow morning…because the week after a big race wouldn’t be complete – to me at least – without a celebratory trip to cap it off!

Good luck to all you spring marathoners – hopefully the lovely weather will stick around to inspire your last weeks of training!