Perhaps this documentary has been out for awhile, but I just saw a clip from “Kidult: Marathon Boy,” which tells the story of a four year-old Indian boy named Budhia Singh who was picked from the slums and trained to become the youngest marathon runner ever. This photos shows him running, as a publicity stunt, 42 miles in just over 7 hours (an average pace of about 10min/mile), largely in soaring temperatures. Truly unbelievable, but incredibly sad.

I’m watching the full documentary tonight on BBC4 – click here to watch it on BBC’s iplayer.

On a related note, there was an article in the NY Times not too long ago that discussed whether or not children should run marathons – sparked some interesting debates in the comments section.

Personally, I started to run competitively at age 14, took a long break from regular running and racing, got back into it again at age 27 and ran my first half marathon and full marathon at age 28. Although I sometimes wish I hadn’t waited so long to start running longer distances, I certainly cannot imagine running a half marathon, let alone a full one, as a young child! I’m grateful that this wonderful sport is relatively forgiving in terms of aging – hopefully I have many decades left to enjoy it!