Isn’t it just incredible what a few days of sunshine can do to your mood?! Granted, it’s still cold out, and I still live in London (so I’m expecting the rain to start any second now), but I feel the season finally changing and it’s very exciting!

With my half-marathon training nearly over (only a week and a half to go) and no other big races planned (yet), I’m now in vacation planning mode – because as much as I dislike the cold and darkness of winter, nothing is more SAD to me than an empty travel calendar!

What’s in the pipeline, you ask?

*Marrakesh in late March as my celebratory post-race long weekend;

*Northern Vietnam for two weeks in late April/early May (this one’s a real treat, given that I’ve never been to Asia aside from a trip to Korea 12 years ago);

*A 3-day weekend somewhere in Europe TBD at the end of May;

*A weekend in the Lake District with a group of friends for a trail race that we’re doing together in early June;

*A long weekend in southern Italy at the end of June;

*A 3-day weekend in Krakow in early July;

*A weekend somewhere in Switzerland (need some mountain time) in mid/late July;

*And last but certainly not least, a longer trip to California (and maybe elsewhere) in August/September to meet my newborn niece/nephew, spend time with my family and celebrate my birthday!

Wow – who needs sunshine?! Going through that list really lifted my spirits (while simultaneously seriously depressing my bank account)! Then again, what’s the purpose of working hard and earning money if you’re not going to spend it on something that makes you happy?