It’s a glorious day – and  I’m not just saying that because I have the day off of work to spend time with my parents (although that helps). Or because I’m sipping the most delicious frozen banana/cinnamon/walnut/almond smoothie along with my steaming cup of Monmouth coffee (which also helps).

Rather, I’m in a brilliant mood because Spring has finally decided to arrive this morning – birds chirping, sun shining, literally not a cloud in the sky. It’s the type of weather that gets me jumping out of bed and makes it impossible not to at least do a short run. You never know when it comes to London weather – you have to enjoy it while you can!

And what’s more satisfying than a leisurely run along the river in the warm sunshine, at 10:45am on a MONDAY, followed by a yummy breakfast and then a full day of shopping and exploring? Sure beats being stuck in the office, that’s for sure!

The first blossoms of 2011 - spotted on my Monday afternoon stroll around London