I’m beyond frustrated. I’ve managed to miss every cold, flu and other illness that went around in the last six months, and yet just yesterday my body conveniently decided that it was finally time to make me suffer. Not that there is ever a good time to be sick, but two days before a race certainly isn’t ideal!

Unless a miracle occurs in the next 12 hours, I will have to cancel my 10k tomorrow morning. It’s the first time that I’ve pulled out of a race, and given that it is my only training race and that I’ve already had an extremely light mileage week (8 miles!), I can’t help but feel disappointed. Not to mention, being stuck in bed for several days is torture when you’re used to an active lifestyle.

Although a small part of me is secretly celebrating for not having to do a 10k tomorrow anymore, mostly my pre-race jitters have turned into no-race jitters. In other words, I’m wondering if missing the 10k race combined with a week or two of lower mileage will negatively affect my overall training. The answer is probably not much (and who knows, the extra rest may be good for me), but for now, I’m going to try to put it out of my mind – far more important that I focus on resting and feeling better!