Today is my third day of going veg – so far so good!

I’ve been eating similarly to my first day, so yoghurt with fruit and flaxseeds for breakfast, leftover tofu stir-fry or rye quinoa bread with avocado and cheese plus vegetable soup and fruit for lunch, hummus and veggies for a snack, and vegetable omelet, almond butter with crackers and a little chocolate for dinner.

I’ve been eating much of the same mainly because I’ve had leftovers and other foods that needed to be used up. I’m planning to be a bit more adventurous and make an effort to cook some different things in the next few days though, otherwise I’ll get quite bored!

Because I already eat many vegetarian meals, I haven’t really put a lot of thought into this so far. But I have noticed that I’m eating more carbs, which makes me wonder if I’m getting enough protein.

My apologies for this terrible blackberry photo (the food was actually very bright and colorful), but this was (part of) my lunch today – Two pieces of rye/quinoa bread, with 2 tablespoons hummus, 1/2 avocado, cheese, salt & pepper, along with a clementine, medium-sized bowl of vegetable soup and a glass of milk (to up the protein).

I just tallied up the protein – roughly 24g, which is slightly lower than I might normally have if I ate a salad with chicken or fish and mixed nuts/seeds, but still pretty good, especially given that my breakfast came in at around 26g. Two hours later, however, and I’m getting a bit hungry again. Then again, I’m nearly always hungry, so nothing really new! 🙂

I’m going to keep a vegetarian diet for the rest of this week as I set out to do, and it won’t be too much of a challenge with so many delicious recipes out there! I’m pretty sure, however, that this isn’t the lifestyle for me full-time, because I love fish as well as the occasional burger, steak or whatever else. But it’s definitely something I will continue to do on a part-time basis (in other words, a slightly enhanced version of what I was doing before), and I certainly will continue to play around with my diet – not only to figure out what I enjoy and what is best for my body, but also because I’m just a curious person by nature!