When you hear the words “tuna salad,” do you think of the kind you’d get in a deli or diner, loaded with mayo and scooped onto a few lettuce leaves or slices of bread? In other words, a blob of white? Or do you imagine a fresh, homemade salad loaded with vegetables, high in healthy fats and protein and bursting with color?

When I make tuna salad (or any salad, for that matter), it usually looks something like this:

I love tuna fish – my favorite kind of canned fish is Dave’s Gourmet Albacore, which is based in my hometown in CA but sold all over the place, including Whole Foods. It’s quite pricey, but it is worth it! My favorites are the jalapeño albacore, garlic albacore, jalapeño salmon, and smoked alderwood salmon, but you can’t really go wrong with whatever you get – it’s all delicious!

Sadly, I can’t get any out here and ran out of my precious supply months ago. And so it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten tuna salad, because once you go gourmet, it’s kind of hard to go back!

Tonight, however, I was craving a big healthy salad that was high in protein to balance out my pancake brunch and give my body all the nutrients it needed for post-long run recovery. All I could think was – tuna salad would be perfect, shame I don’t have any Dave’s left…

I decided that I should give normal supermarket tuna a try – surely it would taste great when all dressed up, right?

Yes, indeed!

Want to create a delicious and extremely healthy tuna salad? Then give my Dressed up tuna salad recipe a try! Be sure to get creative with this one – try to incorporate as many different vegetables/colors as possible. I usually grab whatever I have in the fridge, but always like to make sure there’s enough crunch to balance out the tuna texture.

If you’re not a big tuna fan or you’re vegetarian, then substitute tuna for chicken, edamame, quinoa, beans, or whatever else suits your food preferences.

Need more visual inspiration?

The result? A delicious, dressed-up and extremely healthy tuna salad, followed by a refreshing and light bowl of fruit to cleanse your palate.

Dinner is served!